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Ash Williams Vs. Shaun Of the dead

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The Set-Up:
THIS SET-UP CONTAINS A SPOILER TO SHAUN OF THE DEAD! Not that big of a deal but many people won't want the movie ruined because they are cry babies who don't want their movies ruined.

Epidemic threatens the world as Shaun has woken up to find his girlfriend, Liz, fighting off two big zombies. Shaun gets his bat when suddenly he hears a shotgun fire and turns to see man in a dark blue shrit and black pants with a chainsaw as a hand and a shotgun in the other. Then the Ed zombie (at the end of SOTD Shaun keeps his best friend as pet) comes and try to attack the man in blue and the man chainsaws Ed in half.

He says his name is Ash. He goes to shake Shaun’s hand (With his actual hand of course.) But Shaun just hits him!

“I was trying to help. But you just didn’t want it.” Ash says raising his chainsaw hand.

Shaun grabs his bat.


The Commentary:

In this one I'm going to have to go with Ash. Ash has been hunting down mystical zombies since 1979. Shaun has only been fighting some zombies since last year. So you guys see that Ash has more experiance in destroying zombies. Ash also has better weapons like a chainsaw for a hand and A shotgun that seems to never run outta shells. The only weapon Shaun has is a croquet bat and some crappy records!

Ash is very strong too! And he has beet an army of the undead!!! Shaun is very, very clumsy. He had trouble beating 2 zombies! Ash can take care of these things on his own. It took Shaun and 3 other people to handle 1 shotgun!!! Ash had cured himself from becoming a zombie. He saved a whole kingdom while Shaun could not even save his mom. Well now you see why Ash will slice Shaun in two.

Riley: Due to some technical difficulties (AIM exiting as the only copy of the commentary was sent.) Riley's commentary is late. It would have been on time if it weren't for the reason above and I have not seen any Evil Dead movies or Shaun Of The Dead.

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