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Iceman Vs. Sub-Zero

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The Set-Up:
A man wearing just a T-Shirt and shorts is walking through a terrible Blizzard. He comes to a tall brick wall with a gate. He goes up to the gate. A man dressed like a shaman stands in front of him.

"What do you want?" The shaman asks the man.

"I am Bobby Drake. I have come to join the Lin Kuei." The man replies back.

"To join you must first get the approval of our leader. Sub-Zero." The Shaman replies.

"How can I do that?" Bobby asks.

"Defeat him in Kombat." The shaman tells Bobby.

A man with a Samurai type helmet on walks up to the gate. He startles the shaman.

"Aah. Sub-Zero. You startled me! This boy wants to join the Lin Kuei." the Shaman tells him.
"Come in. We shall spar. If you can beat me, you will be a member of the Lin Kuei." Sub-Zero tells Bobby.
"We shall now fight." Sub-Zero tells Bobby before bowing.

All of a sudden Bobby's body starts to turn to ice. Bobby bows.

A gong rings. The fight begins.


The Commentary:
Brad: Ok. A guy who can turn his whole body to ice and shoot ice at people vs. a guy who can shoot ice at people, create weapons out of ice, stick his hand in your back and pull your skeleton out...INTACT! Hardly a fight.
     Iceman's used to fighting with the rest of the X-Men. Sub-Zero's used to fighting by himself. While Iceman's trying to figure out a single man strategy, Sub-Zero will be using his same old strategy. Freeze you, beat the ever-loving s*** out of you! Iceman just can't compete with that.

     Also another point I'd like to bring up. WHAT KIND OF NAME IS ICEMAN!?!? Ooooh...I'm Iceman! PH34R ME!!!!!11!!!1!!SHIFT!!!! Now Sub-Zero. That's a name! It explains what you are yet doesn't sound thought up by the guy who imagined Sharkboy and Lava Girl. To wrap this up, Sub-Zero's freezing powers are much more advanced than Icemans. Taht medallion he has? On his belt strap? increases his powers. FAR stronger than | ( 3 |\/| 4 |\|!!!!1!!!!1SHIFT!!!1! 
                                       Sub-Zero Wins.
David: Bobby Drake A.K.A Iceman may not have kung fu on his side but he can make almost any weapon imaginable outta Ice. Imagine Ice-Chucks! Or how about a pair of Ice Sai? Anyways, he can make like HUGE, THICK walls of ice that only a lot of fire could melt! When Sub-Zero tries to break it ,Iceman can come from behind and freeze him in a giant chunk of ice that not even he could handle! Sub-Zero may have Ice powers but his body temperature is still 98.6 degrees (Fahrenheit).

In Mortal Kombat you can play as anybody and beat any body as anybody. So strength isn’t much of a matter. But with age comes some weakness. Subzero is like older than America. He has aged since Mortal Kombat 2. (His brother was in the first one and he died.) Iceman is a young man (comic book characters never really age).

I know Iceman’s name is kinda crappy but names mean nothing in the end. It’s all about skill. Besides, many of Sub-Zero’s moves won't work on him. ICEMAN IS ICE!!! Iceman can control ice, Sub-Zero can just create it. Sub-Zero’s ice moves suck too! THEY CAN BE BLOCKED BY A FREAKING INSIDE BLOCK! Iceman takes this with some cool kick-ass fatality!

Brad: Well. Once that announcer's voice comes in the fight will start.

Announcer: Round 1. FIGHT!

David : Iceman starts of by making his whole body ice !

Brad: Well that was an obvious move. C'MON ICEMAN! SURPRISE US FOR ONCE!

David: Iceman creates a huge boulder of ice and throws it at Subzero!!!

Brad: Sub-Zero Holds his hand out in a fist.

David: The whole thing shatters!!!!!!!!!!!

Brad: I highly doubt that Iceman will win after seeing that!

David: Iceman uses a lot of his power to freeze his hands together.

Brad: Sub-Zeros Struggling. But BAM! Roundhouse to the solar lexis.

David: Iceman is down but not out. He jumped behind Subzero and froze his feet together!

Brad: Sub-Zero jumps up and smashes his feet against the ground. The Ice shatters.

David: Iceman is shooting his Ice beam up. It forms into a shooting star !?!? It comes back towards Sub-Zero!

Brad: It comes back down. But Sub-Zero just holds his frozen hands up to it. It smashes!

David: Subzero takes all the frozen chunks and makes it into a giant spike!!! It’s all over for Iceman!

Brad: Iceman forms a giant shield-O-ice! Sub-Zero throws the spike. It crashes through the shield. Tons of shattered ice go everywhere!

David: Iceman falls down and the spike impales him to da ground .

Brad: Ouch. Well it's not over yet. The room turns dark. Sub-Zero slowly walks over to Iceman. He picks him up by his head.

David: YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brad: Subzero pushes down on Iceman's body while still holding tight onto his head.


Final Votes:

Subzero (72%)


Iceman (28%)


David: He pulls Iceman's head off. with spinal cord.

Announcer: Sub-Zero wins. FATALITY

Viewer Comment Of the Week:

Ice man VS Scorpion... err, Ermac... Ehh, Reptile...Umm, Rain...DANG YOU,STUPID PALET SWAP NINJAS!_An Eskimo: Toons! Games! Characters! Store! E-mail!

You forgot downloads!


Other Lesser Comments:

So, let's see here...we've got a mutant and a guy who rips out people's vital organs. Wow, both are surprisingly original. I've never seen or known of any people like that...NOT! Well, since both of them don't have anything original, I'll see who's got "cooler" powers. Since everyone in Mortal Kombat can rip out vital organs, Sub-Zero can just freeze 'em, as apposed to doing something else equally nasty to them. Iceman...well, he's super "cool." He's made out of ice, and gets his power out of the moisture in the air! Now, that means he won't run out of power. Also, how can you freeze someone made out of ice? -Chester M., a.k.a. xtishereb


Let's use the 'see into the future machine' from Futurama to decide this." What would happen if the two combatants relied on their powers?" All I see is a frozen room. Now let's see what would happen powers aside. All I see is Sub-zero holding up Iceman's head with the spinal cord attached. That should be enough to decide the outcome.- Mr. Psychosis


Under "Mortal Combat" rules, Sub-Zero is not only capable of freezing his targets, but he can go gung-ho on the opponents' sorry ass! Here is how the fight goes: Zero sees the Iceman throw a giant ice beam at him. So Zero jumps up into the air & onto a passing tanker truck. Suddenly, Iceman is attacked by Scorpion! While they both fight, Zero jumps of the tanker & onto Mr. Burns' property. Burns unleashes the Richard Simmons Robot on Zero, causing him to "Sweat to the Oldies". Zero tries freezing the solid gold dancer, but just makes it go faster.... until it blows up. Then, Iceman, after surviving Scorp, runs into a small stadium with rottweilers in the weight of them little dogs. Long story short, Sub-Zero survives without battling Iceman. You just have to survive dogs who like nads & a robot that drives you crazy. - J Dog


Fanboyism has gone too far. Iceman has done far more impressive things than Sub Zero. Iceman has survived and had major parts in helping to defeat enemies that were much more impressive than the opponents that Sub-Zero has faced. How is Sub-Zero a LESS stupid name than Iceman? I thought that Sub-Zero was a stupid name since the day I saw it. I think that Malcolm in the Middle show was making fun of Sub-Zero's name when one of the show's characters mentioned in an episode.

Actually the actual quote is:

Youngest Son (Dewey): There’s a monster under my bed.                        

Dad (Hal): Well. We’ll just have to take care of that.
Eldest Son (Reese. Not the one in Military School.): You believe him about a monster but no one believes I beat the last level of Mortal Kombat!
Hal: Well that’s just ridiculous Reese! No one beats Sub-Zero!

This fight just gives more proof to that theory.


Deadly Alliance was cheesy and stupid as hell. Characters can fight for a full minute with a weapon lodged in their chest, win, and survive to fight in the next round? What is that? That's just one of the things that make that game incredibly dumb.


Sub-zero, its only right...


Well, I would say Sub-Zero takes it, the ice powers would probably be useless, so I say it would be decided on fighting. Seeing as Sub-Zero has trained for much longer than Bobby, I say he takes this one, also, if we count his talking armor which increases his strength, it makes for a eaisier fight.-Wateva

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