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The Scenario:
Well Riley we've got an interesting match for today. To celebrate April Fools Day we bring to you the Battle Of the Pranksters! We have brought four of the greatest pranksters in the world to find out whose the best. Let's meet the contestants.
Well I'm here with the four greatest pranksters we could find. Let's meet them shall we?
Eric Cartman: He'll do anything to do a prank. He had his hand go on a date with Ben Affleck so he could laugh in his friends face. He killed a kids parents just to get revenge on the kid! He holds no limits.
Bart Simpson: He's America's bad boy! He ran a tractor in to superintendint Chalmers. He put a cherry bomb in a toilet and flushed causing a train reaction. He's good.
Kevin McCalister: He outsmarted two dangerous criminals. Caused tehm a whole lot of pain and got them arrested. He's smart, witty, and quick thinking. He has a lot of potential.
and our last contestant:
Jason Fox: Always coming up with ways to annoy his sister. He's super smart and able to build a lot of booby-trap pranks in a quick time. He could possibally take the competition.
Well it looks like some fierce competition out there. Let's start the fight!


The Commentary:
Brad:Okay. First I'd like to welcome our guest commenters. Imaginary Commenter 1 and 2! But now for the fight. It's definetly gonna be Bart! Having seen about 7/8's of The Simpsons episodes I know fo a fact that Bart can pull Off a prank that will overcome the other contestants. He might dig a hole and fill it with worms. Or shoot roman candles at them. Or maybe he'll "borrow" a car and try and run 'em down!
Imaginary Comenter 1:Are you kidding me? Bart doesn't even have the guts to do something like that! He'll chicken out at the last minute. Jason on the other hand, with his huge brain will be able to set up tons of small pranks every where in a small amount of time to get every one by surprise. It will overwelm them. He's so smart he'll be able to build some sort of super prank that will wind up with them all in some homemade prison cell!
Riley:RESPECT HIS AUTHORITAH!!!!! come on people he is one of the most violent people in south park! he doesnt respect anyone or anything! remember when he made that kid eat his own parents? i mean c'mon people cartman is so much worse than the others. Cartmans pranks are halarious and they are much more violent or "suggestive" than all the others.  So people people just ponder this....... who would you rather be with on april fools day cartman, jason,  kevin or bart? my sources indacate most people won't pick cartman.  kevin only pulls pranks when his family forgets him bart usually pulls pranks on his sister principle milhouse or homer and jason is just smart.... so think about it and "VOTE CARTMAN FOR PRANSKTER!!!!"
Imaginary Comenter 2:Riley, you sound like your Cartman's presidential campaighn manager. But your all wrong! It's Kevin that will win. Sure Cartman may send Jason to a mexican prison say he robbed a mexican bank. But whiel Cartman's making the call Kevin will unleash an old favorite on cartman. As soon as Cartman turns around unleashing a log, tied to a string, Kevin K.O's cartman. WIth Cartman unconcious on the floor and Jason in a Mexican Prison Bart will be all that's left. But after seeing what happened to Cartman Bart will most likely run for it!


Eric Cartman 13 (37%)

Out Pranks:

Bart Simpson 12 (34%)

Jason Fox 9 (26%)


Kevin McAlister 1 (3%)

Viewer Comments:

This is J Dog & I will be commenting on this website a lot. No body likes Kevin (therefore in Grudge Match, he was fed to the Night of the Living Dead). Eric is a big cusser, but I've never seen him prank. Jason & Fox are at best the pranksters, but if Calvin was in here, Jason would smite Bart. However I chose Bart because I bleed Simpson blood.


As much as I wanted to vote for Bart, Cartman being in the contest meant that the "Sheer evil always wins" rule kicked into effect. -Bowie Hawkins


As Riley said "RESPECT HIS AUTHORITAH!!!" Cartman's no limits, sadistic "pranks" will get him nothing but the winners circle. Kevin will find the rest of his family cooked into a pizza courtesy of room service. Jason will wind up with as Made up comennnter 2 said Jason will probally wind up in a mexican prison. With Cartman's ruthless behavior he will definetly have something big planned for Bart. Who is currently beating him in the polls. Maybe he'll wake up in a bed next to a bunch of old men. Or maybe he'll just go falt out and poison his food! Anyways Hungry Hungry Hippo out!


I tottaly think that JF should win. i mean come on hes so smart and he could build a bomb-booby trap or something. I meen cartmen and bart are more famouse but jasons got this fight in the bag!!!!!!!!:) p.s GO JASON Signed Jesse


BART RULES , I WOULD GO WITH cartman but he is pure evil

That’s Not a reason to go with cartman? -Eds.


this guy has a good food.he knows whats happening and makes people pay.he lost himself in new york and ate chicken many people have chicken feed?

We’re going to assume that your talking about Kevin. Seeing as how he was in a movie called “Lost In New York”. - Eds


this one is hard. I like cartman because he’s all evil and stuff but simpsons is one of my favorite shows....I think they should all die.......

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