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Predator Vs. Pokemon

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The Set-Up:
A space ship orbits the earth. Inside are hideous creatures.
English translations:

"Here are your weapons. You have 150 Pokeballs to catch the creatures with. You also have 50 of the improved Great Balls. 30 of the powerful Ultra Balls. Plus one Master Ball which will catch any pokemon without fail. To weaken the pokemon you have your wrist blade and boomerang slicer. You also have your armor and helmet. Remember dead Pokemon don't count." One of the creatures tells another.
The ship lands on an island. One of the creatures walks out. The ship disapears. The hunt is on.


The Commentary:

RILEY: How many people have caught them all?! None! Then there are the legendary pokemon and pokemon that don’t evolve in the wild. He would need the whole planet just to FIND them all let alone catch them. Blowing them away won't do much now will it? And those nets they have would crush the poor pokemon. Remember. Dead Pokemon don't count. Pokemon struggle when being caught in a pokeball. Having to be careful when fighting the Pokemon as to not kill them will cause him to run out of pokeballs fast. The Predator only has one Master Ball. So if he wastes it he would never be able to live in a fight against mewtwo. Besides even if Predator were about to kill Mewtwo could fly off or commit suicide in spite. Then the Predator will be screwed. Even if the Predator threw the master ball at him he could easily redirect it at a weakling pokemon or better yet snap it in half. If predator can stand up against lightning, fire, water, plants, and psychic beings he wasted his time. In the end Predator has no chance.

BRAD: The only challenge Predator will have is trying not to kill the pokemon. He’ll slash Pikachu down the middle. Pikachu is gushing blood but technically still alive. Throw a pokeball. 1 down 149 to go. La la la. Stab Pidgey. Clonk Squirtle on the head. Now we have the legendary pokemon. Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos, Mewtwo. The birds will be easy picking. Avoid attacks. Slash ’em. Throw that boomerang blade thing. Toss an ultra ball, Mewtwo is all that’s left. Now you said Mewtwo would rip apart that Master ball? Well why didn’t he do it when I met up to him and threw one in Red version? He can’t. The Master Ball is too powerful. Predator captures all 150 pokemon. 100 year later another predator comes down and tries to hunt the next 101 pokemon. Lugia and Ho-Oh will go down as easy as the previous legendary birds.

The Fight:

Brad: Ok. We’ve been watching Predator for a few hours. He only has five Pokemon left to catch. He’s running low on Pokemon containment devices. 9You thought I’d say balls didn’t you? CRAP!)

David: Yes. He still has to catch Mew, Mewtwo, and the legendary birds. He’s using 6 of his pokemon to fight them!

Brad: He’s using Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise, Raichu, Dragonite, and…Jigglypuff?

David: He’s probably using Jigglypuff’s lullaby move.

Brad: Yea. That’s probably it. Predator starts using blastoise’s water moves against Moltres!

David: He throws an Ultra ball at Moltres. He’s got Mlotres!

Brad: Yep. He’s taking his net. He shoots it at mewtwo.

David: Mewtwo creates a psychic bubble. Wait. He’s throwing out pokeballs that are catching Predators hard earned pokemon!

Brad: Clones…

David: Predators ignoring that. He’s throwin his master ball. At mew!

Brad: It worked! He using Mew to control Mewtwo!

David: He’s throwing ultra balls! He’s got Zapdos. Now articuno!

Brad: All he needs is Mewtwo. Mew looks like he’s struggling to keep his psychic hold on Mewtwo.

David: He throws a…pokeball!?!?! IT WORKED! HE CAUGHT MEWTWO!

Brad: Mewtwo’s returning the other pokemon. Predators…Oh crap he’s setting the bomb!

Predator 19 (70%)

Becomes a

Pokemon 8 (30%)


David: RUN!


Brad: We got away! Plus it looks like Predator did too!

David: Well, bye!


Viewer Comment Of the Week:

Even though I really think pokemon would win...since in all of the "Predator" movies, the main predators die, but I like them way more than pokemon. Plus pokemon have to use so much energy towards their enemies. Predator only has to turn invisible, pummle and subdue the pokemon, and capture them all 1 by 1...or more. any way...and for those psychic pokemon, I’m sure predators got some technological wonder that’ll defend against mind attacks.

Other Lesser Comments:

Predator's got cloaking, 'nuff said.


Tough match... but if Kraven can defeat them in CBUB, I guess I'll go with Predator.- J Dog


I choose u Pikapoo


Gotta kill'em all, Pokemon!(just hope the Predator can catch them as easily as he can kill them) - Mr. Psychosis


It's actually suprisingly easy to get all 150 pokémon. All you need is a lot of time. That's it. While Predator may only have 24 hours, I'm sure he/it can do it. He's also got great retraint. If he really tried, he could get all of the pokémon without killing them, but probably seriously injuring about 149 of them. If he's not careful, though, he would seriously frag all of them. This will be a close fight, for even though Predator has the advantage in weapons, items, skill and speed, he has to get 150. One hundredy fifty. That's a whole lot. Predator can do it, but he needs to focus to pull it off. Once he/it's won, he/it can let the Pokémon out of the Pokéballs and kill them. Or, maybe he/it could share them with Abe, from, once Abe is done playing piss-hockey. -Chester M., a.k.a. xtishereb


I'm suprised my comment got into the Yoda VS ET figth. Anyways, Predator lost twice at Grudge Match. But Pokemon won once. However(goes into long boring talk about how Predator should win) Ijn conclusion, Mew two will be mere target practice for predy-An Esklimo


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