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Sabrina Spellman Vs. Hermione Granger

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The Set-Up:

Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft & Wizardry:

"I can't believe I have to go to this Magic school!" Says Sabrina Spellman to herself as she sits on the train to school. "Aunt Hilda and Zelda think my Social life is cutting into my Magic lessons."
As she mumbles to herself gryffindor prefect hermione Granger walks by.
Hermione peeks her head into the compartment.
"We're 20 minutes from the school. You better get your school robe on." Hermione tells Sabrina.
"Now I have somebody telling me what wear! These robes look horrible!" Sabrina yells in outburst.
"Well they're mandatory." hermione says calmly.
"LOOK YOU LITTLE B****! I am not wearing this!" Sabrina yells.
"WHAT DID YOU SAY!?!?" Hermione yells back.
"You wanna fight?" Sabrina taunts.
"NO! I'll just disregard that comment if you put the robe on now!" Hermione commands.
In response Sabrina points her finger and turns hermione's head into the head of a Ostrich.
"That's it!" Yells Hermione as she draws her wand...


The Commentary:
Brad: Sabrina easily takes this. Sure Hermione may be best in the year. But she has a dangerous disadvantage. She needs her wand to perform most spells. Sabrina just needs to point her finger and she gets it! Occasionally she needs some incantation but not often. Hermonie, or Hormione I should say, can’t compete with the speed of pointing and forming a rapid-assault-rifle put of mid-air. Sabrina’s only disadvantage is when she does need an incantation is usually a paragraph whilst Hermione’s are a sentence or less. But as I mentioned before she rarely needs them. Her other weakness is her spells usually have some disadvantage to her a couple hours after the spell. But she always winds up fixing it. Besides, if it takes out Hermione, it’s worth it!

Riley: Ok, Sabrina sucks compared to Hermione. Hermione is best in her year and she is really good at magic. Sure, Sabrina can point and do magic but Hermione can always use a counter jinx or something. Hermione’s complete education is Magic. So obviously she doesn’t need to worry about failing math. She knows much more magic.

Sabrina always gets in trouble or danger of some sort after doing magic...most of the time. By then Hermione would be able to do whatever it takes to beat Sabrina. She’ll be distracted and Hermione will strike. “VOTEUS FOMEUS!”

Then Sabrina is always asking her cat for help! HER CAT! Hermione has a cat but she doesn’t talk to it and definitely doesn't try to get help from it. Hermione could easily freeze Sabrina using the Full Body Bind jinx and then finish her off. Then she can get things just as easily as Sabrina, and if Sabrina made something like a sword or gun it would be as easy as "Accio Sword!"


Brad: It was tough getting on this train. But it's a long story. Anyways, Hermione turned her head back to normal. She raises her wand but before she can saying anything Sabrina points her finger and creates a snowball! She throws the snowball at Hermione.

Brad: I suppose that would be annoying. Hermione points her wand. But she doesn't say anything...The seat Sabrina's sitting turns into a panda! Ooh...silent incantation. I'm pretty sure that sitting on a Panda is breaking some international law too.

Brad: The bear claws at Sabrina. What the hell happened to them being gentle? Well Sabrina turns the panda into a 2x4 with a nail in it. She swings it at Hermione.


Brad: The board raises into the air. Sabrina then shoots some weird beam out of her finger. It hits Hermione. HERMIONE IS DE-AGING! She has the body of a 5 year old!

Brad: Hermione stills has the mind of a 17 year old though. She does another spell with the incantation in her mind apparently. She points her wand and some blue light shoots out of it. It hits Sabrina's finger!



Hermione (69%)


Sabrina (31%)


Brad: The bones in Sabrina's finger disapear! Well it looks like Hermione wins!


Cat fight! My money's on the pink one! So, while both of them are kinda cute, I can't just go by looks alone. I go by the source material! Harry Potter books steal my sould from time periods of 1 week to 1 month. I think I might have peed myself while watching one of Sabrina's shows. Now, I don't like peeing myself as much as the next guy (unless the next guy is a sick freak), but that was 'cause it was so funny! With the source material out of the way, I'm moving onto who I personally think is gonna win. Sabrina has the power to go totally rapid-fire on Hermione's little butt, while Hermione does about the same damage as Sabrina, but with cool-down time. As we all know, cool-down time = BAD (unless you're trying to balance the game which case good luck destroying my work-arounds!). Lastly, there's the current situation which confirms Brad's feeling (he does, after all, run this site). I totally agree with you Brad. Final score: Sabrina 3, Hermione 0. Also, it's gonna be hard saying made-up words with an ostrich's head. I hear those things have horrible enounciation. -Chester M., a.k.a. xtishereb (P.S. I did not actually pee myself.)


Other Lesser Comments:

I voted Hermione but I wish there was a "Both Horribly Maimed by Princess Zelda" buttton.-An Eskimo:Here The Cheat,have a trophy!


Geee... spellcasters. I'm not that good on this one, guys, but I must go with Spellman on this one. Believe me, I read a few Harry Potter books, but I'm not a fan of them. Hopefully, this ain't a repeat of my vote from Mean Machine vs. Mud Dogs.- J Dog: I found da beef!


Hermione easily takes the cake in this battle. She knows a whole lot of cool spells. Also she survived being petrified once and saved her friends, Harry and Ron, from being eaten by a bunch of plant monsters with her great knowledge. And Sabrina? She's just a big, whiny loser with a talking black cat named Salem. Her cartoon really sucked and so did her other show. Seriously, this is Wise Vs. Wimpy here. Hermione will kick Sabrina's ass to next millenium with her expelliamus (or however you spell it). -Deven711


In the end this match comes down to who screws up first. Sabrina will probably waste a good spell to tick Hermione off only to be Brutally assualted.- Mr. Psychosis


i gotta say hermione only because she doesn't need (1) atalking cat for assitance, (2) her family doesn't seem to interfere with her magical life unlike sabrinas bitchy aunts and lastly (3) hermione has her heart set on one guy unlike sabrina who can be distracted by a mediocore looking guy at the drop of a hat


I think that it would be another sad case of brawn defeating brains. Sabrina is far too powerful for Hemione to beat. In the Sabrina storylines; witches are like demigods. They can do far more powerful things with magic and do most of it with far more ease than the spellcasters from the Harry Potter storylines can. The witches in the Sabrina stories can't even be killed by many of the things that could kill a human. It was implied in the Sabrina shows that magma and being eaten by another witch from the Sabrina storyline were the only ways that a witch from that storyline could be killed.

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