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Buffy Vs. Blade

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The Set-Up:

A blond British vampire is running through a dark alley. Being chased by the half-human, half-vampire, vampire slayer, Blade.

“LEAVE ME ALONE!” yells the vampire.

Blade continues to chase him.

The vampire slips away from Blade.

“DAMN!” Blade yells.

The vampire bursts into a house.

“SPIKE! What are you doing here?” says a blonde woman in an angry tone.

“I’m…being chased…by some other slayer…” Says Spike in a pant.

“Another slayer?” asks the woman.

“Yea. I need to stay here. He almost got me!” Spike says in panic.

There is a flash of light and spike is burning on the ground.

Blade walks into the house.

“Are you ok?” Blade asks the woman.

“YOU! YOU KILLED HIM! He’s a good guy!” yells the woman.

“Vampires are not to be trusted.” says Blade bitterly.

“You just crossed the wrong line.” Says the woman drawing her wooden stake.


David: In this fight I have to go with Blade. There are many reasons to go with him. First off he is half vampire & half human , so that gives him all the powers of being a vampire with out the weakness of being one. For Example Blade can walk out in the daylight , garlic does not burn him , the cross does not make him freak out. Etc. You get where I'm going with this.

Second of all Blade has so many weapons. He has many swords , blades , light bombs etc. Blade could slice Buffy in half. Blade is faster and a better fighter/stronger. He could beat her to a pulp or suck her blood.

He also has more experience than Buffy. Blade has been around since the 70's , Buffy has been around since the 90's. Buffy has fought some really weird stuff but its like she always finds some stupid weakness in them or something like that. Blade just attacks and hopes to get lucky.

Then Buffy always defeats her enemies like they do on Scooby-Doo. There are no friends to help Buffy out now , so they can't bring her back at all. Blade will not leave Buffy to die he will kill her.

Brad: Buffy takes this with ease. Blade is part vampire. Buffy has supernatural powers to kill vampires! One stab and Blade is dust. Plus there is probably Willow, Xander, and Dawn in there to help her out. This is Buffy’s house. They’re always there. Willow’s a freakin’ witch! Plus Blade’s a vampire! This fight could not even be fought! Blade’s part vampire! That means he can’t get in the house without an invite!

You think they defeat the enemies like they do on Scooby Doo? Just because they call themselves the scoobies doesn’t mean they go around running from bad guys. Coming up with weird contraptions to trap the bad guys and pulling a mask off? Come on, this will be easy for Buffy.


Brad: Damn. I’m late. The fight has already started. Well what’s goin’ on?

Blade is swinging his sword at Buffy, but Buffy is able to avoid it. Buffy pulls out Mr. Pointy. A.K.A her wooden stake. She stabs Blade with it.

Nothing Happens. Blade pulls the stake out. He’s bleeding. Yet he doesn’t care.

He throws the stake at Buffy. She grabs it. She tries to stab at his head. He slices the stake with his sword. Seems Buffy’s weaponless now.

She’s still trying to fight. BOOT TO THE HEAD! Blade’s still not going down.

He throws a light bomb.



Blade (75%)


Buffy (25%)

*You thought we’d use ‘Slays’ didn’t you?



Buffy: GAAAH!!! MY ARM!

Brad: I’ll assume Blade wins. Hey. What’s that grabbing my shoulder? AAAUUUGGGHHH!!! VAMPIRE!!!!!

Viewer Comment of The Week:

Because I have absolutly NO EXPERIENCE WITH THE SOURCE MATERIAL WHATSOEVER (:O), I'm gonna go by the way I just feel about it. Blade's name is way cooler than Buffy's name. I mean, Blade sounds like a guy from The Matrix! Buffy sounds like a girl who sat behind me in math, but who didn't. Also, Blade's hair style is way cooler. And, um, Blade wears leather..? Oooh! I know! Blade has twice the vowels in his name as Buffy! I have an idea how this will end, and it invovles a sawed-off shotgun. Sawed-off shotguns: They're not just for zombies anymore! - Chester M, a.k.a. xtishereb (Race and gender are not good criteria for who would win in a fight, BTW.)


Other, Lesser Comments:

If i'm not mistaken, Buffy played Daphene in the Scooby-Doo movie, So in a way she really does catch bad guys like Scooby-Doo does.SD won't help here so Blade takes the cake.- Mr. Psychosis


I don't know either. But by the pictures I can tell that Blade is definitely going to kick Buffy's ass. He looks kinda like Neo from the Matrix. SLICE! -Deven711


Since I dont know much about either Im going to go with the basics.Blade-half-vampire with big sword, Buffy-slayer chick with little wooden stake. It goes like this, Buffy charges and gets impaled by Blade. And there was much rejoicing, yay.-Wateva


Homestar likes Bubs Wesley Snipes outfit.Trogdor was referenced on Buffy. DANG! The Homestar logic doesn't work for me...I VOTE FOR VAN HELSING! Why?Cuz he's also Wolverine. -An Eskimo:A WAVE OF BABIES!


buffy has only one weapon and thats a piece of wood, incase u didint no from comics blade was attacked by a slayer once before and was stabbed and nothing happend, so what now? and i think buffy is a big enough girl to face blade all on her own, and when she does she history. and even with willow by her side a witch is only good when she has time to read the spells, if blade just attacks her first shes dead, then he kills buffy


Blade may be half n' half, but Buffy's got speed and agility. She's a better fighter than Blade, but if he abuses his weapons then Buffy's as good as pwned.


Since now I know Blade has guns, it goes like this. Blade:*bang* Buffy falls down. I dont care if you got that slayer power stuff, you are not getting up from shots to the head.-Wateva(again)


Blade easily slashes Buffy. Although they are too violent, my brother LOVES the films! But, Blade might not need to defeat Buffy, who came back from the dead (I think). You see, there is a rule involving whenever two things battle each other, bizarreness sets in. In other words, don't be suprised if Buffy gets into a 2-minute battle with a giant yellow chicken. J Dog- Officer, I swear I didn't mean to blow up Greenwood!


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