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Master Chief Vs. Samus Aran

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The Set-Up:
Planet Zarlid:
Two ships come crashing into the planet in seprate ends. On one side walks out a heavily armoured man. He see's thousands and thousands of creatures that look like a cross between Frogs and Gazelle. He grabs his gun and starts shooting at them. Making his way to look for civilization.
Meanwhile at the other end of the planet a heavily armoured woman walks out of her ship. She sees the same creatures and starts blasting away at them too.
After all of the creatures have been killed the man and woman meet at a halfway point throughout the planet. They see each other as a threat. They arm their weapons and the fight commences.
The Commentary:

Ok. I have to go with Samus. She has been in more video games than Master Chief. Meaning she has more experience. Master chief has only been in two. Samus has had to be in at least 5.

Her suit is just as protective as Chiefs. Possibly better. A built in rocket launcher/ laser/ grappling hook. What does Chief have? A shield? Armor? You may say it’s super strong but how come in Halo I can get shot and die in 2 hits? Defiantly not strong enough to handle a few homing missiles.

Finally, what will happen if chief runs out of ammo? He ain’t that great at hand to hand. But Samus, if she runs out of ammo she’s so flexible she can roll up into a little ball and bounce around throwing bombs! She’ll roundhouse Master Chief’s organs into a knot! Chief kicks ass, but defiantly not enough.

Riley: As you all might know Samus is much better known. She is also hot! But thats not the point. She has a cool suit but MC (Master Chief) has a cool suit too. He can also turn invisible and set over shields. He piloted a ton of destructive vehicles and can flip cars (and tanks) with his bare hands. he also has plasma an frag grenades. He can operate a huge assortment and he can even use the alien ones. So come on people, MC will rip Samus apart.



Final Results:

Master Chief (20) 57%

Plasma Blasts

Samus Aran (15) 43%


Viewer Comments:



Now let's see here, a man (MC) who was trained to be the most powerful killing machine in existence since age 6( I'm talking Sergeant Hartman training here) and who's armor is there to PROTECT HIM from being hurt(against things that in the hands of the terrorists could destroy America with only 5,000 guys) and barely increases his godly strength against a REGULAR PERSON who's suit is the MAIN reason their famous and powerful(SA)? I have only one thing to say: Hail to the (master) chief.


Other Lesser comments:

Samus would win because she’s way hotter


First of all, the X-Box might make MC great, but in Fight Fantasy, MC is the roast (tm Roget Vocab). I vote Aran - J Dog


It's too hard to choose but Samus wins , she is “DA BOOM!”


First I didn’t know Samus was a girl and I don’t think that the suit she wares turns me on but she is my favorite smash brother. Master chief welllll the only time I have played that was from an early 1990's video game that I wasn’t really good at but I don’t even know if that was the chief I like lemon snow

No That wasn’t Master chief. He’s only been in Halo which has only been around since the late 90s. - Brad


should TTTTOOOOTTTAAALLLLYYY win. come on people can Samus destroy huge halos of mass destruction, I think not. Samus is out of date. who knows maybe even now she has wrinkles on her skin. master chief will kick samuses ASS!!!!!-Jesse


RAWR I think the frog gazelle things should come back from the dead and eat both MuahHHAha!!!!!

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