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Homer Simpson Vs. Peter Griffin

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Fight The First


The Setting:
"How dare Moe throw me out again!" says Homer Simpson mumbling to himself as he drives down the highway.

"I'll just find a new bar"

Meanwhile Peter Griffin arrives at his favorite bar "The Drunken Clam"

"Heeey...! Welfare just came! Drinks on me!" Peter Griffin shouts.

Just as he says that Homer walks in. "Heeeey...Free drinks this place is awesome!"

2 hours later...

"I say Gary Coleman was 20 during Different Strokes!"
"Well I say he was 10!"

A beer bottle smashes and a drunken bar fight between TV's dumbest, fatest characters starts.

The Commentary!:


Peter wins. Why? Because Homer's a chicken! And Peter has kicked a chickens ass before. He'll do it again! When Homer was being hunted by the mafia he had to have the baby save him! Peter accidentally got a hit put on his wife! And he didn't realize what he did wrong until he accidentally used his one chance to stop it on a piece of cake!

Homer better not say anything about Lois either. Peter punched a mirror because Lois said “Ooh. Look at the handsome man in the mirror“. It was his reflection. He is ruled 100% by his emotions. He’s angry at something, Peter takes care of it. Homer is what he’s angry at.

Peter will leave Homer face down on the bar floor. Has from drunkenness half from the severe beating.

Riley: What are you talking about? Homers not a chicken! at least when it comes to a fight. he strangles Bart on a daily basis! He has tons of anger building up in him and he's just ready to unleash it! He knocked out Simon Cowel for god's sake! Just think about it! Vote Homer!

Thanks to the 8 people who voted.

Peter Griffin  (5)

Punch Drunk's

Homer Simpson (3)

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