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Aliens Vs. Sliver

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Volrath's Stronghold:
The Weatherlight ship flies through looking for their kidnapped captain. The current crew stands as:

Gerrard - Substitute Captain
Tahngarth - A Minotaur first mate
Hanna - The ships Navigator
Orim - the ships cleric healer
Starke - Knows the area
Mirri - Cat warrior ship mate
Crovax - Ship mate
Terrance - Ship mate
Squee - Goblin cabin boy
Karn - A Pacifist silver golem
The ship flys through when soemthing slams up againsyt the ship. Tons of weird clawed creatures are attacking the ship! The ship goes down.
The crew gets up. Crovax's eyes widen. A weird creature. Different from before grabs him and drags him off.
The rest of the crew lays in shock. Whiel they're all distracted Karn is taken by the creatures that attacked the ship and torn top peices.
"What the hell are those things?" Gerrard asks.
"How should we know" Tahngarth replies back.
"We gotta get out of here. Anyone could be nex..." says Orim.
"Orim?" Gerrard asks.
"Oh sh..." and Terrance is gone.
"This is bad." Mirri says in a scared tone.
"Let's just get moving." Hanna replies.
"AAAAHHH! WHAT THAT!?!?" Squee screams as some of the creature who attacked the ship come charging at them. They grab and tear up Squee and Starke.
"RUN!" Gerrard yells.
Gerrard arrives in a room with gooey gunk stuck on the wall. There is a lot of giant brown eggs in the center. In the gunk are Hanna, Terrance, Mirri, Tahngarth, and Crovax. All with holes in their chests. Like something burst out of them.
"What the...?" Gerrard asks. He turns around. Nobodies behind him. He turns back around and hundreds of the creatures that took crovax are staring at him. He backs up. Turns around and hundreds of the creatures that attacked the ship staring at him. Both start towards him. Both stop and stare at one another. They move around Gerrard and start a fight over who gets the ship's captain.


Aliens vs. Slivers
The Commentary:
Riley: Slivers are awesome! I mean come on when you think about it they feed off each other's powers . I imagine there is at least one of each sliver so now there is an army of these things that can mass reproduce at the blink of an eye and they are so huge that you couldnt imagine. They can regenerate and fly and stuff. Now imagine all of the slivers taking these powers. You get a bunch of color-protected, flying, trampeling, unblockable, super breeding, super strong, fire spewing slivers! They will pwn!
Brad: Riley, this will be easy for aliens. They'll just take out slivers one by one slowly weakening them. Kill the winged slivers. All slivers will lose flying. They'll land on the Magma slivers killing them both. Drastically weakening the slivers. Then go for the acidic slivers. Slivers are no longer immune to acid and one cut of the aliens and the sliver's claws are melting away! Then the slivers will be nothing but breeding pods for the aliens. The aliens will also probally just go get the queen. They get the queen and release a can of whoop-ass on the slivers. Remember the end of AVP? Predator couldn't kill that thing. No way in hell slivers will be able to.
Final Body Count: Aliens: 2 Slivers:200,000. Gerrard: 1.

The Fight:
Brad: Well I'm here in Volrath's stronghold. Got my Cloak of mists on so nothing can see me. Gerrard has his sword but theres too many on both sides.
The aliens immedietly lunge at the slivers. What the...? The slivers start glowing black! And it's the ward sliver! It's given them all protection from black! And it's quite obvious, in Magic the Gathering terms, aliens are black!
The aliens can't touch the slivers! And the slivers start unleashing an onslaught on the aliens! Aliens are dying everywhere. A bit of acid lands right near Gerrard. He sees the ground start sizzling and knows to break away! He pulls out his sword! He slices up both the Ward slievr and some acidic slivers! Oh no! Doesn't look good for slivers anymore. they no longer have protection from balck or immune to acid! The acid on the once protected slivers is starting to kill them! They seem to be falling apart! And the metallic slivers are melting! The winged slivers are dropping from skys like shocked Ornithopters!
The aliens are imapling the magma slivers with their scythe like tails. Slivers are still killing aliens but as a result they're getting acid all over them. Therefore killing them. Gerrard slices an alien! His sword melts away. He's screwed.
Half of the aliens run off! Where the hell are they going? Slivers are growing fast with the brood slivers...Never mind. Acid is everywhere! HOLY CRAP! An acid soaked synapese sliver just landed right in front of me! Hey! Some of the aliens just returned. And...Woah a Alien tail just flew right over me! And the aliens are all back! The wall breaks and the Alien Queen breaks loose! She starts impaling and eating all of the slivers! Slivers look like they have the same idea! They run off while some blade slivers and toxic slivers are killed off!
The slivers return with their queen! The sliver queen starts killing aliens! The alien queen kills off some more slivers. It's mainly down to the two queens.
Final Votes:

Aliens 26 (57%)


Slivers 20 (43%)

The end:
They go head to head. The sliver queen slices into the alien queen! Big mistake. Acid starts spewing everywhere. Summerging the sliver queen in it. And it looks like Aliens win this.
Viewer Comments:
Many People Did not know what a sliver was. Slivers don't use weapons. They just use claws. They are not bones, they don't shoot anything. they are just violent creatures that reproduce like hell. To see what the slivers do go here.


Look, Aliens may be able to freak the crap outa my dad, but Slivers ownz0r joo. Let's say for the sake of argument Aliens are black. Set Ward Sliver to black and BAM! Aliens can't touch them, target them, block them or enchant them (I don't understand that last part either). From there the entire mass of slivers that buff attack powers and the ones that have high stats anyway go mess, and the fact that you're getting like 50 each turn from Queen Sliver and Brood Sliver and that they're all regenerating from Essence Sliver and let's not forget the world's coolest Sliver, Quick Sliver! That's right, not only is it a bad pun on a skateboarding company, but it also reminds you of chocolate milk! So anyway, the Slivers would transform the Aliens into piles of CG code and rubber, though I think both would be owned by a good burn deck. GO FIREBOLT! Also, that is a crappy picture of a Sliver. What is that, Anorexic Partially Decomposed Corpse Sliver? Geeze, go steal a picture of Quick Sliver or something.

Actually the Sliver pic is none other than the Sliver Queen herself. Same for alien pic. - Eds.



The aliens will win. Why? Three things. One, they are acidic in their blood. If the silvers shoot them, acid will come out & corrode the poor suckers. Two, they are THE hunters! All they know is to kill & mate. And they kill, then mate with their victims. Finally, the aliens got what silvers don't: Mentos Cool Factor (tm Grudge Match). Aliens 78 Silvers 0. Next up for elimination is Urkel & the cast of Full House.-J Dog


Other Lesser Comments:

I have some reasons y aliens would win.1 then aliens kick the humans @#!!%$ and killed all.2 what are slivers? the wooden things that are in ur fingers when u scrape ur hand on wood. I mean come on sliver LAME.3 they kick @#!!%$! 1 more reason if they try to like shoot or throw spears or any thing there blood is acid. It like go touch it and see if it's dead. Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis there’s one guy disintegrated 1 left to go. .-Tyler Smith (P.S aliens kick @#!!%$)

Slivers don’t use any weapons. They just use they’re claws. If you looked at the pic you might have noticed slivers have no opposable thumbs. Or fingers for that matter…Or hands. - Eds.


Uhhh...yeah. Aliens are cooler because they killed people in the movie and were like RAWR KILL!!!!!! HISSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!


Excuse me for asking, but what the @#%& is a Silver anyway?


Dude I have no clue what the hell slivers is and according to the picture he is just bones. Right? But there are more aliens than there are of slivers. Also notice how the idiot makers lol of this website said "We gotta get out of here. Anyone could be nex..." nex is an error.-The good man Sir. John Jeffery LAST NAME BLOCKED.

1. Nex… Was supposed to be like that. Orim was dragged off in the middle of saying it. 2. Sorry John, but if we know you in person we won’t post your last name.

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