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Louie Vs. Spuds

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The Set-Up
Inside The Drunken Clam walks previous Fnfights champion Peter Griffin.
"Hey Horris. Give me a Pawtucket Pat." Peter asks the bar keep.
"Sorry Peter. We're all out." He replies
"WAA!?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" Peter yells.
"Calm down. I got two new types of beers in the back."
He puts a Bud Light bottle and a Budweiser bottle on the counter.
A dog jumps onto the bar stool.
"Hey. Have a Bud Light. OR THEY'LL PUT ME TO SLEEP!" The dog tells Peter.
"Holy crap a talkling dog!" Peter shouts in response.
"No. Have a Budweiser." A lizard on another bar stool tells him.
The two look at each other.
"Howabout you two fight to the death. I'll drink the winner's beer!" Peter suggests.


The Commentary:
Brad: Well I gotta say Louie. Now I know NOTHING and I mean NOTHING about either beer aside from what I've seen on commercials and on Spuds Vs. Joe Camel over at WWWF. So I'm going by commercialism.
Spuds may be a Jack Russel Terrier but no way will he catch a smart-ass, camouflauging , speedy, scrambling lizard. Here's how I predict the fight to go.
Louie runs outside and climbs up a tree. Spuds sniffs around for beer. It just takes him to some bum. So he starts looking around again. Being color blind is pretty bad against camouflauge. So Louie jumps out of the tree and lands on Spud's face. He then continues to urinate on Spud's eyes. Spuds by then gives up.
Besides Spuds sucks ats getting ohers to try his beer. See Joe Camel vs. Spuds.
David: Here's how it would really go. Spuds chomps down on Louie right then and there. But I gotta say also knowing nothing about the beers so Commercialism is all I have.
I read Joe Camel vs. Spuds but hey. Kids are dumb. They think smokings cool. But really. How can you say a lizard would be a dog? It's fight to the death. (Damn. We sure do have those a lot.) But Jack Russel Terriers can be mean. I've seen them bite people. They're quick to react. Basically both the food chain and genetics are on Spuds side.

The Fight:

Brad: Well lets just get down to business here. As I predicted Louie runs outside with spuds chasing after him. But Louie doesn’t hide. He’s just sitting there!

Brad: Spuds gets near Louie. Louie runs into the street.

Brad: BAM! Louie’s hit by a car!


Spuds McKenzie (67%)


Louie The Lizard (33%)

By default


Brad: Peter really seems to be enjoying Bud Light. Well check back next week when we have the amazing results to our first Battle Of the Champions! It will be full of ACTION! BLOOD! VIOLENCE! GIRLS! Well actually. The girls might not be able to make it. Lets just hope!



Although I don’t know anything about these two, i follow one rule: fear the lizard, no one votes against the lizard.


Lesser Comments:

Holy Crap! It's the beer animals! Okay, I believe that, based upon Spuds' defeat over at the WWWF Grudge Match, he'll go after the chameleon. Now, I might be an ass here, but I do believe that Louie couldn't survive the torture he got from "Those.... Damn.... Frogs". Spuds wins because he's a dog. See my last comment in "Iceman vs. Sub-Zero" on a little explination why.- J Dog


Hey, i have a Spuds dog statue thing just like the one on the picture. well, anyways, spuds rocks. dogs are friendly and better than chamelons. Go Spuds!!!! - Psycho


Despite being constantly bested by Miller Light, at least Bud Light is still heard about on t.v.- Mr. Psychosis


I voted for the dog, but if it was up there, I'd vote for Peter.-An Eskimo:Downloads! Now there's where the downloads were hiding!

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