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King Kong Vs. Donkey Kong

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The Setting

Donkey Kong!

Kong Kong!
The game? Super Smash Bros. The level New York City. Now we join you as these two apes duke it out across times square.
The Commentary
The Commentary was emant to be added for the first fight but it was forgotten.
Riley:King Kong is gonna win hands down! come on people think about it he is huge! Yeah I know DK has all his friends but KK (King Kong) could trample them."Iddy kong"? I mean come on people they are even smaller than DK they are like monkeys in a barrel compared to KK!!! Oh yeah and not to mention his strength! I mean just think about it folks.
Brad:Donkey Kong will win. Face it. He may not be as big as King Kong but he has much more to his advantage.

1. He throws barrels. Not bananas. Not feces. But barrels. King Kong will slip on the barrels, tripping over, crushing thousands, but falling on some sharp building, also killing him.

2. He has killed Mario. Do you know how many times you can put quarters into the original Donkey Kong arcade game and get killed by this gorilla? If he can kill the champion of the Mushroom Kingdom he can kill a giant monkey.

3. He gets a lot of potassium. Do you see how many bananas he collects in ‘Donkey Kong Country‘? As I said before he doesn’t throw bananas. He eats them! After say a billion or so plays of any Donkey Kong sequel that’s a freakin’ lot of bananas, and bananas are healthy.

King Kong may be big but he stands no chance. King Kong couldn’t even beat Godzilla. Donkey wins.



Final Votes:
w00t! We got nearly three times last matches total votes!
Donkey Kong 13(57%)
King Kong 10(43%)
Voter Comments:
I voted twice - Jesse
DK donkey kong
testing 123 testing
king kongs going down , throw down da crown
DK //should// win this, because he's got the ability to throw just about anything... Going by SSBM's standards, he can throw Giga Bowser, and Bowser was already huge... Plus DK does have all his ickle pals, who've taken on many a big guy. Anywho, all I've got to say. -Porqukat __________________________
OMFG! donkey kong will kick king's ass with a banna peel attack ___________________________
To Quote Super Smash Bros. "DONKEY KONG! DONKEY KONG! DONKEY KONG!" __________________________
mad sexie
i like pizza
My name is john and i like lemonade and cookies but when it comes to king kong i meen he ate the empire state building! kiko is winneringest knock out
King Kong is awesome although hes a giant scary monkey thing, hes kool. (GODZILLA is better than both though) i think aGodzilla should win though or my Evil rmy of Demonic Sheep .. either way...............-Krahe

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