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Current Fight: Ash Williams Vs. Shaun (Shaun Of the Dead)
Bugs Bunny vs. Roger Rabbit
Buffy Vs. Blade
Sword Play
Sabrina Spellman Vs. Hermione Granger
The Waterboy Vs. The Longest Yard
Battle Of The Champions! #1
Louie The Lizard vs. Spuds McKenzie
Iceman Vs. Sub-Zero
Wilson Vs. Plank
Jason Vs. Johnny
The Thing vs. The Incredible Hulk
Predator Vs. Pokemon
Yoda vs. E.T
Barney & Friends vs. Jurassic Park
Quaker Oats Quaker vs. Colonel Sanders
Marvin the Android vs. Strong Sad
Toucan Sam vs. Sonny
Aliens Vs. Slivers
Master Chief Vs. Samus Aran
Battle Of the Pranksters
King Kong Vs. Donkey Kong
Homer Simpson vs. Peter Griffin
The Orphanarium
The New FNF - Click Here

Make a username and you'll be able to vote and post your comments! A new fight will be posted weekly and now you can discuss your fights you'd like to see us do! Sorry to have kept you wiating so long...

The New FNF will include old fighst redone, as well as new fights. Fights currently done:

Homer Vs. Peter

The Predator Vs. Pokemon

Little Red Riding Hood Vs. Goldilocks

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Vs. McDonalds

Backstreet Boys Vs. N*SYNC

V Vs. George W. Bush

Damien Thorn Vs. Regan MacNeil

Ghostbusters Vs. Overlook Hotel

Ash Williams Vs. Horror Icons

Doc Browna nd Marty Vs. Bill and Ted

Mario vs. Link

Snakes Vs. The U.S.S. Enterprise

Sword Play (With some different combatants)

Jurassic Park Vs. Barney and Friends

Master Chief Vs. Samus

Aliens Vs. Boba Fett

E-Mail any Ideas for fights o this E-Mail address



If you want to send in comments on the current fight, when you vote or view the current votes you have the option to submit a comment. After you type in your comment click go. The funniest comments will be posted on the site when the match ends. Please try and keep it related to the match and please give yourself a name so we know who to credit it to.

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